Grow and Engineer Cells! - Engineer-it Kit™

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This kit contains all ingredients and consumables to grow and engineer bacteria to create pigments, lights, smells - See what is currently available in the DNA dropdown.

Engineer-it Kits can be used with the DNA Playground or items from around the house, school or your own biolab. After you’ve completed the Engineer-it Kit, you can use our follow-on kits to memorialized the experience or dye fabrics or paper (coming soon).

Individual kit -  2 transformation tries, can be done by 1-2 people. 

Group kit - 16 transformation tries with 1 shared DNA program - can be done individually or in groups of 2. Up to 32 students in pairs simultaneously.



Transformation Buffer: Amino Labs’ proprietary transformation buffer is used in a colony transformation procedure to yield high transformation efficiencies. When you strictly adhere to the transformation protocol, this buffer rivals or is better than other commercially available competent cell & procedures. 

Recovery Media: Amino Labs' recovery media is used immediately after the heat shock during the transformation protocol. This nutrient broth aids the cells in recovering and has a proprietary recipe that further boosts the cells ability to survive the transformation and begin dividing. 

Agar Powder: This LB agar powder is industry standard to grow microorganisms.

Cells: This standard K12 strain of E. coli is non-pathogenic and is the prototypical strain used by thousands of labs around the world. 

DNA Program: This DNA plasmid is programmed to run in E. coli bacteria and express a product only during the stationary growth phase. This DNA plasmid is built using the Rapid DNA Prototyping (RDP) standard. The pigments program have colour under normal visible light, but some also glow vibrantly under a black light. 

Antibiotics for Transformation: Amino Labs' proprietary antibiotic delivery system helps stabilize antibiotics for shipping and long term storage. These capsules have a measured amount of antibiotics for 45 mL of molten LB agar. 

Sterile Water: Sterility is critical when you’re doing biotechnology. This is distilled water that has been sterilized with an autoclave in order to ensure there are no contaminating organisms present. 

Loops: Small inoculating loops are used for transferring 1 uL of liquid and/or other tasks. Large inoculating loops are used for transferring 10 uL of liquid and/or other tasks. Large loops are great for spreading out bacteria after a transformation. 

Petri Dish / Plate: 6cm petri dishes are large enough for typical lab experiments and help save on cost of reagents as well as reduce waste.

Engineer-it kits are a general experience that can be used as a hands-on activity to complement various modules from middle school, to high school. They allow for scaffolded learning and Engineer-it Kits are also used in technical colleges and universities.
Self-contained kit : No need to source and buy reagents, chemicals and consumables. The Engineer-it kit is a convenient collection of all that is needed to engineer and grow cells in petri dishes.
All reagents tubes are color-coded for ease of use and include illustrated, simple procedure.
2 convenient formats:  Individual kit -  2 transformation tries, can be done by 1-2 people. Group kit - 16 transformation tries with 1 shared DNA program - can be done individually or in groups of 2.
Choose from one of 10 pigments :
Blue, Blueberry Blue, Violet, Orange, Teal, Purple

Fluorescent: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Raspberry Red 

All Engineer-it Kits are Biosafety Level 1 (BSL1), meaning they do not require any special containment in North America (you can do it at home, school, etc.). If you are outside of North America, some regulations may apply, please check with your local public health office.
Complements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-5, MS-LS1-8, HS-LS1-1, HS-LS3-1, HS-LS4-4, HS-LS4-5

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