Environmental responsibility

Through this website, you'll have noticed that Amino Labs messaging includes the sustainability of using biology as a manufacturing and innovation platform. Making with biology will help humanity build a harmonious future with the natural world.

The eco-sustainability of biotechnology is a core value that fuels Amino Labs' passion for helping the next generation learn the skills and knowledge to participate in the bio-economy. However, we know that biotechnology will need to work alongside other technologies to solve some of our big ecological problems. This is one of the reasons why we are also undertaking further efforts to make our business operations more efficiently eco-friendly.

We're now solar-powered!

Our latest effort includes the installation of a 13 kWh solar array on-site. Being located in the sunniest region in Canada means Amino Labs can leverage solar electricity to power all of our business and manufacturing operations. Any Amino Labs product you now receive will have been built thanks to the power of the sun! As Amino Labs continues to grow and diversify, we pledge to always create more electricity than we consume.

While this is a small step towards energy and carbon neutrality, we know there is still much to do. So, as we continue to grow our sustainability efforts, we will post them here!

Right now, we are happy to say that Amino Labs is one of the most eco-conscious education companies on the planet. We will continue to embed sustainability in our business operations in the future.