Be a BioArtist or a Genetic Engineer, today!

Using the Canvas Kit or BioInk Kit, you can learn and practice the basics of BioArt


Using the Engineer-It Kits you'll experience first hand how to engineer biology to do fun, interesting, and important things.

Genetic Engineering

Using the DNA Playground as your first piece of lab equipment, you'll be experimenting in no time.

DNA Playground

"I was successful at first try."

"I couldn't wait to try out the DNA playground and kits, but didn't expect it would be so easy and fast. I set it up on my desk at the office and ran through the protocols in between other work tasks. To my delight, I was successful at first try. With no need for pipettes or other expensive lab equipment, and no need for growing up cells before transformation, and with temperature switches so smooth and precise, I was able to put a new DNA program inside bacteria in record time. " - Magda Pop

DNA Playground Starter Pack

"Practical hands-on skills are essential to science"

“Practical hands-on skills are essential to engaging kids in science and the Amino Labs has made it easy for the kids to see what is possible in the growing field of genetic engineering. " - Michael Hirsch, Middle School Teacher

The Bioexplorer™ starter set

"My son excitedly showed me the blue spots on the agar, and explained what was going on"

"The experiment worked! Last night my son excitedly showed me the blue spots on the agar, and explained what was going on. He’s super-enthused, and is already planning his next experiment. I asked him “after doing this experiment, are you more interested in genetics or less interested?”, and his immediate response was “MUCH MORE!" You guys have really created something great here" - Paul D., proud father of a future geneticist

DNA Playground Starter Pack

"The future belongs to 6 year olds, the DNA Playground is a tool to help them get good at creating it."

“The biotechnology revolution is about where the computer revolution was in 1980, but instead of personal computers, 21st century whiz kids are tinkering with what makes bacteria tick. This kind of fun and creative play sets up future scientists to cure diseases, save the environment, and feed the world. The future belongs to 6 year olds, and the DNA Playground is a tool to help them get good at creating it. ” - Raymond McCauley, Singularity University

DNA Playground Starter pack

Our students enjoy the experience so much

"Amino Labs is the most reliable genetic engineering experience we have had.  Our students enjoy the experience so much that they regularly ask to share this technology by demonstrating with bio-painting events.  Superior student usability of the DNA Playground™ is key to their successful experiences." - Luc Arvisais, Junior/High school teacher

DNA Playground Starter Set

We guarantee you will be successful

Learning a new science or technology can be intimidating. But, with our easy to follow instructions, virtual simulators, safe science guidelines, real-time videos, short articles and quick customer support, we are confident you will be successful. That's why we created the Success Guarantee.

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Free Virtual Bioengineer simulator

In 15 minutes you can now simulate what it means to be a Genetic Engineer! See how to complete one of our Engineer-it Kit experiments while learning the basics of microbiology and biotechnology.

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