Engineer-it Kit™: Get started with Genetic Engineering for bacteria (bacterial transformation kit)
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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero™ Book
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Welcome to Amino Labs!

Developed at MIT in 2015, Amino Labs is on a mission to make genetic engineering and biotechnology accessible to learners, artists, and educators around the world.

We believe that biotechnology is a powerful science that can help us create sustainable food and energy solutions, new materials, innovative medicines, and much more. 

We make hands-on kits, software, hardware, and learning resources to support teaching and learning genetic engineering and biotechnology. By learning these skills and concepts at a young age, the next generation will be prepared to face the growing challenges of our future.

We are dedicated to safety, ethics, and supporting creativity in science.

"I was still convinced that genetic engineering was way beyond a grade 7 student, but I had never seen her more excited about a school project..."

The Genetic Engineering Hero journey: a perfect first step for an aspiring scientist

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With no prior knowledge needed, Amino Lab's collection of kits and experiments will help you develop powerful skills over time.

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around the world.

Thank you for putting so much time and thought into the creation of this great kit and all the supporting resources around it.

I was especially impressed with the patient, personalized and incredibly helpful responses to my many questions. Best customer service ever.

An easy way to introduce students to biology & art!

The Canvas kits introduced my students to using biology as an art medium, seeing the crossovers between art and science.

Kits were easy to use and safe, even for our younger students.

This was our first time exploring bacterial art and it was INCREDIBLE!

What a unique experience the students won’t forget anytime soon.

I have used Amino Labs' kits in my high school biotechnology class. They have never failed.

The kits are beautifully organized. The instructions can be successfully adapted to a variety of learners (middle school to college). 

Amino Labs is highly responsive and helpful. I would strongly recommend their kits!!!

I did this in the classroom and in workshops with students (junior high and high school) - all the students loved painting with the bacteria and it was easy to set up, explain, and clean up. I think it is awesome that this kit is available for anyone to try!

Fantastic Resource into the World of Genetic Engineering

This indispensable textbook is a must have for anyone interested in learning more about genetic engineering. I have used it both in my high school Synthetic Biology class and extracurricular club. The experiments are well laid out and I really appreciate the "Going Deeper" material for those students with an insatiable curiosity and a drive to learn more. I highly recommend this book!

Engineer-it Kit exceeded expectations: Our experience was excellent, and I would recommend this kit. We initially did it with a group of high school students who had already done a couple of other transformation experiments...We ended up also using this kit with an undergraduate class because they saw the variety of colors the high school students obtained in their results and voted to do this as an additional experiment for the end of their summer experience.