Virtual Bioengineer Simulation

Learn and Practice your genetic engineering skills

Launch it in the browser here (can take 15 seconds to load)
Download the chrome app here
Note: Virtual Bioengineer is not optimized for touch enabled devices
Try a very lite version on mobile
What is genetic engineering? How does one do genetic engineering? Virtual Bioengineer takes you through a genetic engineering journey. Learn how to grow bacteria and engineer them with DNA! In the end, you'll a glimpse of where modern medicine, food, and many materials come from. Biology and living systems are amazing. One of the best ways to understand how they work is to engineer with them. Virtual Bioengineer can be used in middle school and high school classrooms, in the Do-It-Yourself Biology or Maker community, or in the home. Virtual bioengineer is being developed with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in mind. Great for STEM teachers and the curious. Takes 20-30 minutes to complete.