Explore, Learn, and Experiment with Our Free Biology Simulators!

Unlock the secrets of biology and biotechnology our simulators! Trusted by tens of thousands of students and educators worldwide, these simulators provide an immersive experience to explore fundamental questions in biology, biotechnology, and genetic engineering.

Ever wondered how genetic engineering is done? Curious about the mysteries of DNA, Bacterial transformations, Centrifuging, or Agar art? Our simulators offer an engaging platform for hands-on experimentation, allowing you to enhance your skills and knowledge in these fields.

Each simulator guides you through different aspects of biotechnology, offering a valuable resource for both beginners and enthusiasts. Additionally, two of the simulators serve as excellent tools to practice using our biology kits before diving into the real experiments. Join the global community of learners and delve into the wonders of biology through our interactive and educational simulators!

What is DNA? simulator

Use the Virtual Bioengineer: What is DNA? simulator to learn about the double helix structure, how it was discovered, and some DNA-related terminology. Every living thing has DNA and this simulator is a great way to learn some basics.

You can also complete this simulator as part of Chapter 1 of your Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Book and alongside the DNA extraction kit.

Start the DNA simulator

Making bio-art with the 'Canvas Kit' Simulator

Use the Virtual Bioengineer: Canvas Kit simulator to learn how to grow bacteria and make your own bio-art (also called agar art). In the end, you will get a glimpse of a new creative medium and see how bacteria or yeast can be your art-accomplices! 

You can also complete this simulator alongside Chapter 3 of your Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Book and as a companion to the Canvas Kit.

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Try the Yeast Canvas Kit version

Start the agar art simulator

Genetic Engineering with the 'Engineer-it Kit' Simulator

Use the Virtual Bioengineer: Engineer-it Kit simulator to learn how to grow and engineer bacteria with DNA! In the end, you’ll have learned where modern medicines, food, and many innovative materials come from.

You can also complete this simulator alongside Chapter 4 of Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Book, and as a companion to the Engineer-it Kit.

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Start the genetic engineering simulator

Learn bioplastic basics with the Bioplastic Experiment Simulator

Use the Virtual Bioengineer: Bioplastic Kit simulator to learn how to make different bioplastics! In the end, you'll learn how to extrude bioplastic strings and bioplastic sequins, make bioplastics with food and industrial waste, create bioplastic bags and how different bioplastic ingredients affect your results.

Learn to make Bioplastics!

Master centrifuge balancing Simulator!

Dive into the world of life science labs and unlock a must-have skill: balancing a centrifuge for top-notch results and safety! Our simulation makes it fun to learn – balance a 12-slot centrifuge with tubes in even and odd numbers. Get hands-on experience and discover the magic of creating a perfectly balanced centrifuge for smooth and safe experiments!

Learn to balance a centrifuge

Gel Electrophoresis & DNA ladders simulation

Explore the fascinating world of Gel Electrophoresis! You might have seen this process on tv or movies... now you too can learn the step-by-step process of making and casting agarose gel, adding DNA samples, and running the gel. Explore the significance of DNA ladders and unravel the secrets of genetic analysis. Master the art of gel electrophoresis!

Run some gels!

Learn to Pipette Simulation

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of lab precision with our 'Learn to Pipette' simulation! Master the art of pipetting for accurate experiments and reliable results. Dive into hands-on exercises, perfect your technique, and become a pro at handling liquids in the laboratory. Unleash your scientific potential and pipette like a seasoned researcher!

Pipette like a pro!

Virtual Bioengineer Simulators

All of our simulators are classroom-friendly and have post-simulator quizzes.

These Virtual Bioengineer Simulators can be used in middle school and high school classrooms, in after-school clubs, iGEM teams, or at home. Each simulator takes about 20-30 minutes to complete in a desktop browser (*does not work with touch devices - phones, tablets). 

The Virtual Bioengineer Simulators were developed with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in mind and are great for STEM teachers and curious learners. The simulators can be used as standalone learning opportunities or alongside our beginner-friendly hands-on kits.

If you are using the simulators as teaching tools, you can find post-simulator quizzes on our Google Classroom for Educators. For other simulator quizzes and the sheet-based quizzes with answer sheet, email us

Tips for using the simulators:

For any of the simulators, you will need to use a desktop computer as they are not optimized for touch devices like tablets and phones. All of the simulators run best in the Chrome browser. Note that if you have any pop-up blockers or similar, they can interfere with the simulators.

P.S. our site doesn't have any ads, so it should be ok to disable them while using the simulators if needed!

If you get stuck during the simulation, follow the links to videos that will show you a quick walkthrough of the simulators. This will show you what you are supposed to click or click-and-drag on each screen:

'What is DNA?' Simulator video

'Making bio-art with the Canvas Kit' Simulator video

'Genetic Engineering with the Engineer-it Kit' Simulator video

'Genetic Engineering with the Engineer-it Kit' Simulator video (French)