About us

What we do 

At Amino Labs, our goal is to make genetic engineering accessible to everyone to enable the next industrial revolution of personalized manufacturing using biology.  At the moment, genetic engineering affects more than a billion people every day as a core part of our society, yet, only a minuscule fraction of the population understand it. Driven by ground-breaking technology and UX, our easy-to-use kits are giving rise to the next 99 million bioengineers, from the ages of 8 and up. 

Where we started

Amino Labs Inc. was co-founded by designer Julie Legault, based on her thesis research at the MIT Media Lab, 2015. After experiencing the difficulties of learning synthetic biology, bioengineering, from textbooks and online material, Julie created a mini-lab, the Amino One, to help other people get familiar with the science through doing.  As a designer, Julie focussed her efforts on application-based learning; from Fragrances to pigments, the Amino One is made to inspire new enthusiasts.  

After graduation, she and her co-founder, scientist Dr.Justin Pahara, (who had mentored her throughout her thesis research) found  friends and colleagues from Montreal, Toronto, and Boston to form an amazing, dedicated and excited team... without which Amino One would still only be a prototype. Find out more about our story from academia to startup. 

At its very beginning, last fall 2015, the company got a kickstart by participating in MIT's E14 Fund and in SF's Indie Bio accelerator.  We took that time to refine the Amino One and test it out with actual people! Great Support came from an early crowdfunding campaign for the Amino One which is shipping as of summer 2016. 



All Amino Labs products, from the hardware to the DNA, are developed, designed, manufactured and packaged by us from our laboratory and workshop in Canada. 






Our most popular product is the starter pack which includes a DNA Playground and a cyan pigment Engineer-it Kit. By the end of 2017, the DNA Playground will be built to interface with the Brewer Module. Stay Tuned! 



We'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to make our products better, and fitting to your needs.