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What is DNA?

Most people have either heard, or used the abbreviation DNA — What is it?Deoxyribonucleic acid is a microscopic chemical string that is like the hard drive of living organisms — like you. You’re probably familiar with a computer hard disk, right?Computer Hard Disk DriveA very sharp needle reads the surface of the disk as it spins really fast — just like an old record player. In biology, the “hard...

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The Engineer-it Journey: Tips and tricks to get you from beginner to pro!

Our Engineer-it Kits provide you with all of the necessary components so that you can learn how to make the “houses” that lab bacteria grow in (LB agar petri dishes), incubate and grow the bacteria, make the bacteria able to take up DNA (make the chemically competent), and transform the bacteria with DNA (put a DNA plasmid with an extra trait into the cells). What is the end goal?At the end of the...

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