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Empowering the next generation of scientists and innovators

Amino Labs offers a full set of experiences that enable students to tackle real-world problems — at every level

Thousands of students and at-home learners have used Amino Labs’s activities to discover and develop genetic engineering and broader scientific literacy.

The activities support the middle school and high school curriculum, provide personal lab solutions for university and college students, and creative opportunities for art students looking to embrace cutting-edge technology in their practice.

Middle Schools

Teach the basics of DNA, cells and molecular biology. Through our hands-on exercises students will develop skills that are a part of Canadian curriculum: initiating and planning, communicating, performing and recording, analyzing and interpreting.

The crosscutting built-in to our hands-on exercises supports the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) used in America.

High School

How does biology function and how is biology used in the biotechnology industry to make real products that impact our lives? Cross-cut biology, chemistry, math and even art class to offer a birds-eye view on how biology works and how it is used in society.

Teach Genetics, CRISPR-related bacterial engineering, cellular biology, biomanufacturing hands-on.


Equip your lab and students with personal minilabs complete with real-time sensing and data streaming, multi-purpose stations and reagent kit subscriptions. 

Our technology is leading a new wave of equipment that is personalized, non-communal, internet connected, and has integrated sensors. With simple to use interfaces, new students can get up to speed in no time.  These are 21st century tools. 


The application of biology is no longer limited to science class. Your students can discover cutting-edge scientific tools at the service of art. Bio-art is a fast growing and influential segment that merges visual art with biology.

Students engineer cells to produce colour pigments that are then extracted and used to paint, draw, and stain fabrics or other materials.  

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By choosing to teach with Amino Labs, educators make Scientific Literacy engaging and immersive, transforming the students of today into the innovators of tomorrow.

What educators think:

Michael, Science Teacher

How and Why He Uses Amino Labs in his Classroom


Student-friendly Genetic Engineering Kits are easy to implement and increase scientific literacy:

Intuitive instructions, equipment, and kit designs means genetic engineering no longer requires extensive prior knowledge or experience to be introduced in your classroom(s).  Set up your 32 student class in 10 minutes, with clean up just as fast.


Build on curiosity: Amino Labs’ transformative designs for independent and small group inquiry mean increased student engagement when compared to traditional tools.

DNA Playgrounds and advanced Bioproduction Labs can be WiFi-enabled, allowing students to stay engaged with their experiments outside of class. 


From the basics of growing and engineering cells to manufacturing end-products, Amino Labs’ kits feature real-world protocols and use-cases.

Real-world lab activities help students understand curriculum deeply, and develop key scientific literacy skills, habits and knowledge.

Amino Labs brings Genetic Engineering to life in your grade 8+ classroom.


Educators can pilot our kits by themselves or with a small group of students using the Teacher Tester, or jump right in with a Class Starter Set.

NEED A CUSTOM SOLUTION? Create a unique STEM-learning package that's perfect for your classroom or makerspace.


Classroom support coming soon

Our team is hard at work developing curriculum linked prompts, examples and provocations for learning that can be used in classrooms for Middle & High Schools. 

Our Real-world lab activities with easy-to-follow instructions can be implemented with your existing plans for instruction or provide exciting independent learning opportunities for your students.  

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Curriculum and NGSS-linked -- Can be applied to: 

Middle School / High School

In Canada:









Grade 7-8

Interactions in the Environment, Cells,  

Grade 9 & 10

Sustainable Ecosystems, Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity 

Grade 11 & 12

Genetics, Sustainable Ecosystems, Molecular Genetics, Diversity of Living Things, Evolution, Cellular Diversity, Biochemistry, Diversity of Evolution, Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Metabolic Processes, Population Dynamics, Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges

In the US




MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-7, 

HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-6, HS-LS3-1