Enrich your science classes with real experiments.

At Amino Labs, we make teaching biotechnology beginner-friendly, affordable, fun, and student-led. Our kits, equipment and lessons are made with first-time biotechnology teachers in mind. You don’t need experience to get started.  In fact, Amino Labs experiments have a 98% success rate in the classroom, even with first-timers.

We've designed our products so that all teachers can engage students in real-world, hands-on biotechnology activities — no experience or specific facilities needed!

Discover hands-on science experiments that engage your students and teach real science. For public schools, private schools, and homeschooling.

A step-by-step, scaffolded learning journey

From kits and equipment to safety gear and our best-selling Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book, we offer everything your students need to learn and practice biotechnology in a step-by-step, scaffolded journey, no prior experience necessary.

Your students will gain an understanding of how DNA works, how cells can be turned into "mini-factories", how plasmids program cells, how to culture cells, and much more. Students will also discover some material science, general biochemistry, and experimental controls. These skills are the foundation to practicing logical, methodical, and realistic scientific inquiries.

Best of all, all experiments are safe to do anywhere in North America, no matter if you have a lab space or not. Each kit includes inactivation supplies and instructions so you can dispose of all material safely without relying on complex procedures.

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The indispensable textbook is a must-have for anyone interested in learning more about genetic engineering. I have used it both in my high school Synthetic Biology class and extracurricular club.

The experiments are well laid out, and I really appreciate the "Going Deeper" material for those students with an insatiable curiosity and a drive to learn more. I highly recommend this book!

Ken Symington, Science teacher in Alberta, Canada

We have been using several kits, and all work equally well, but the Engineer-it Kit surprise sparkle has the most wow factor.

The students are particularly interested in the Engineer-it Kit sparkle surprise. They take the process very seriously.

Carolyn, SPR Science Department, New Brunswick, Canada

We used the DNA Extraction kit for our Career Day with some 7th-grade STEM students, and it was a huge hit!

We used strawberries for the activity, and the kids had the best time! Our Scientists also had the best time showing the kids how to extract DNA! It was a huge success.

Sangamo Therapeutics, USA

My class loved working with the Canvas Kit materials to "paint" with bacteria. We had a technical hiccup early on and got excellent support, guidance, and replacement materials right away. We had success the second time around, and I will try this again with my class next year.

Private school teacher in IL, USA

Amazing product! - Our experience was amazing... from the highly responsive and friendly customer service to a great product that our students were just in awe of. Thank you, we highly recommend it and will use it again!!♡♡♡

Ramina, Head to Heart Partners in Education, USA

Great experiment, great customer service! This kit is amazing! It worked super well; the protocol is easy to follow. Bonus: the customer service is absolutely excellent. They answer all of your questions and provide great information!

Roxanne, Science teacher in Quebec, Canada

I use the chapter 1 (DNA unit) in my classroom. Easy to use and very fun! Amazing experience for students. Students love painting with bacteria. We highly recommend it!

School teacher in Alberta, Canada.

I highly recommend the Canvas kit and Zero to Engineering Hero book. I used the Group kit with a group of 7 middle-schoolers. The kit was very professionally packaged, labeled, and arranged to be easy to use, and I was confident that the experiment would work correctly.

There is a ton of learning wrapped into this hands-on activity, and not just about the bacteria involved. It was super fun for the kids to do and such a unique and novel experience!

Valerie, teacher in California, USA.

Love your company's mission, products, and customer service! The book was received from out of the country in just a few days. Explanations are well written. Scientific jargon is clearly explained for our daughter and her friends to understand. Appreciate that the kits support all the material covered in the book. We performed our first DNA extraction in less than 20 minutes! Kids can't wait for their next experiment. Never seen them so motivated about science.

Thomas, a happy parent in USA.

The Engineer-it kit’s experiment went very well. Although there were a lot of steps, the combination of the online simulation and beginner's guide provided very clear direction for an inherently somewhat complex procedure.

The first-person video was very helpful, and the simulation helped the students prepare for the lab.

High School Teacher in USA

Amino Labs' kits are beautifully organized. The instructions can be successfully adapted to a variety of learners (middle school to college). I have used Amino Labs' kits in my high school biotechnology class. They have never failed.

Amino Labs' textbook "Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero" is a great supplement to the labs and is a well-written introduction to the field of genetic engineering.

Science teacher in USA

With the experiment kits, DNA Playground, and illustrated instruction manuals, students directly manipulate, observe, and understand biotechnology activities while building fundamental skills.

Our free virtual simulators help students practice before doing the experiments in real life, resulting in the highest success rates in the industry.

Our kits and equipment are student-led, which means that there is minimal to no teacher preparation required ahead of class.

This saves you time, empowers students, and means that the kits and equipment are great for in-class and virtual learning, after-school clubs, or as self-guided modules for independent, advanced students.

Try it using our teacher tester pack

Since our kits and equipment are made to be student-led, there is little to no setup or cleanup time for you — let the students do the work and learn from beginning to end! While other kits leave parts of the process hidden from students, leaving them unable to apply the skills in real life.

If you have never taught biotechnology before, no problem! Our kits are made with you in mind. You can always familiarize yourself with Amino Labs kits and content with a Teacher Tester Kit or with our best-selling book before implementing in class.

If you've already have taught biotechnology education, then you’re good to go — just make sure to read the instructions because our modern methods make the protocols slightly different from traditional kits.

Our kits are applicable to students in both middle, high school and College.

Use them for AP bio, biotechnology electives, general science class or in a maker space. They can even be used in a visual arts curriculum.

Middle School

Students will learn the basics of DNA, cells, and molecular biology. Our hands-on exercises will help students develop real world skills that complement curriculum. Crosscutting is built-in to our experience, fitting with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Beginner-favorite experiments

High School & College

Students will learn how biotechnology makes real products that impact our lives. Cross-cut biology, chemistry, math, and even art classes to offer a birds-eye view of biotechnology. You can teach Genetics, CRISPR-related bacterial transformations, biomanufacturing, bioethics, safety and lots more.

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Biology is no longer limited to science class. Your students can discover cutting-edge, easy-to-use tools to make art. Bio-art and biodesign are exciting new fields merging art and biology. From engineering cells to make pigments, to bio-materials or fabric dyes, let your students' creativity grow!

It's STEAM time

AP Bio & Biotech clubs or elective

With our full Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Learning journey and advanced PCR, gel electrophoresis, biomanufacturing and upcoming sequencing lessons, Amino Labs is a great partner for your AP bio class or biotechnology elective. We have enough experiments to cover 1, 2 or 3 semesters of classes.

Reach out - we'll help you build out your year!

No lab? No problem

Make your own lab space with personal minilabs complete with real-time sensing on multi-purpose stations. Our technology is leading a new wave of 21st century equipment that is personalized, non-communal, and has integrated sensors. 

Explore the DNA Playground

Curriculum alignment

Take the Stress Out of Curriculum Alignment with Our Comprehensive Support! If you can't find your curriculum listed, let us know and we'll help you align experiments and lessons to your class/school's needs.

Curriculum alignment page

I was new to biotechnology, and I needed a resource and labs that not only my students could do but that I could do with limited prior knowledge and skills in the biotechnology world. I teach an elective on biotechnology. Julie and Justin helped me set up a classroom lab through the professional de velopment sessions. 

This is my 3rd year using Amino Bio labs. I use the book with each chapter in sequence, and I have used all the labs at one time or another. I also have the students use the virtual simulators. They are perfect to introduce the students to what they will be doing in the labs.

Wendy Courtney, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Director & Science Teacher, GA, USA

I teach a biotechnology class to a group of middle schoolers, and I use Amino Lab kits as units in my class. We follow the protocol provided for each experiment, practice reading experimental protocols, and take turns engaging in various parts of the experience. We've used DNA extraction kits, the bioplastic kit, and the canvas bioart kit. We've done the virtual simulators for the bio-art and the DNA extraction.

The guides and teaching kits make Amino Labs incredibly accessible and a great place to start. Once you learn a little more, then you can expand upon knowledge from the amino lab kits.

Deirdre Dunham, Makerspace Manager, MakeInspires, New York, USA

I would say that without Amino products, our daughter's passion for science would have gone unnourished. As a neurodiverse student, she struggles in a school system that is not designed for the way her mind is wired. The design of Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero worked perfectly for her - allowing her to get hands-on and inspired by science first, then understand the theory behind the experiment she had accomplished. Amino allowed her to begin asking her own scientific questions and conducting her own research.

The skills and knowledge she developed through her Amino journey are, without a doubt, the reason she was accepted into life sciences at U of T. The world needs more creatively minded scientists, and Amino Labs provided a path for our daughter to begin making her contribution.

Jim Rea, a parent from Ontario, Canada.

"Amino Labs makes it easy for students to see what is possible in the growing field of genetic engineering"

Michael Hirsch, Science Teacher, Acera School, MA, USA.

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