Mentoring and teacher training sessions

  • Are you looking for a guided learning experience as you start your biotechnology journey?
  • Are you a teacher interested in professional development days touching on biotechnology, genetics, genetic engineering?
  • Is your teen working on a science fair project and needs a bit of life science mentoring?
  • Are you looking to educate your team on the future of the biotechnology field?
  • Did you hear about genetic biohacking in the news and would like to discuss it with a scientist?
We can help you navigate these situations! Contact us by checking out this item so that we can contact you to explore the best solution for your needs at a price that works for you.
We also offer the Genetic Engineering cyber workshop & tutoring where you complete your 4-days of genetic engineering alongside one of our scientists. Learn about this remote learning experience here


Depending on your needs, this workshop/mentoring/training can take place over video or in-person over one or multiple sessions and include hands-on activities or not.

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