Teacher Training & Professional Development Sessions

About the Teacher Training & P.D. Sessions
While Amino Labs biology learning experiences are designed so that educators with no prior biotechnology experience can learn and be successful at delivering these fun, engaging, and career-inspiring activities to students, we 100% agree that some 1-on-1 time can accelerate implementation and reduce uncertainty. 
Online sessions are booked in 3-hour blocks, which can be separated into multiple sessions.  Amino Labs is flexible in how we can work together to ensure your success:
  • We can join you as you go through your Teacher Tester Kit or any of our experiments. We'll be able to answer your questions as you go and help you navigate the relevant implementation resources we offer.
  • Spend 3 hours with us discovering the numerous teaching options out there and getting general implementation tips.
  • Are your students working on a science fair project and need a bit of life science mentoring? We can also chat directly to your classroom. 

Looking for in-person sessions? We can organize a full 2+ day PD workshop with you and your colleagues. Amino Labs has led many PD workshops as part of official PD conferences and for individual teachers, schools, and districts.  Reach out to discuss info@amino.bio

How Does It Work?

Depending on your needs, this training can take place over video or in person and can be over one or multiple sessions.

Our PD sessions always include hands-on activities! In addition to this product, and depending on your need, you will need to acquire the appropriate hands-on kit(s). Don't worry, we will help you figure it out.

Or work with us to plan a special event for your PD day!
Contact us directly at info@amino.bio.