Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Book Donation!

A generous donor has stepped in to help today's teachers and young learners engage better with biology through hands-on exercises! 


100 copies of Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero: the beginner's guide to programming biology at home, school & in the makerspace have been bought so that they can be donated to educators and at-home learners in Canada and the USA

Amino Labs is now taking nominations for K-12 educators and homeschool educators to receive these copies! Sign up at the link below, or if you know someone that will be interested, tell them so they can sign up! Don't wait because these books will go on a first-come, first-serve basis!

75 copies are reserved for K-12 educators: For K-12 educators that are interested in bringing hands-on biology STEM education to their schools.

25 copies are reserved for at-home educators and home-learners: For parents that lead home-schooling groups who want to bring hands-on biology exercises to their students. Also for young home learners that are participating in a science fair or after school science club.