Higor's journey into the biochemistry world

Higor's journey into the biochemistry world

Higor's journey into the biochemistry world

Hello there! I'm really excited to share with you a little about my journey into the biochemistry world. It's been a wild ride full of surprises, discoveries, and a deep fascination with the tiny conversations happening inside our bodies.

My adventure started with a vague path in mind. In fact, I began my academic journey in Chemistry. Chemistry, with its reactions and molecules, was like a puzzle I was eager to solve. But as I went deeper, I realized something was missing. I was curious about how reactions affect living things and wanted to learn more about it. That's actually why I decided to switch my major to Biochemistry! It was an inspiring decision that ended up shaping my future in a big way.

I had a life-changing experience during my lab internship. It was part of my independent study program, and I found my true passion among the beakers and petri dishes. Biochemistry wasn't just about molecules; it was about life itself. I was fascinated by how even the smallest biochemical interactions could significantly affect an organism's health and well-being.


When I first started exploring the world of biochemistry, I was really curious about cancer research. Cancer is a tricky disease that happens when cells start miscomunicating properly with each other. They lose control of their growth and division. It's a fascinating topic, but it's also essential to understand so scientists can work towards finding a cure. Understanding this miscommunication and finding ways to correct it became my first passion.

However, my scientific curiosity continued. After studying cancer biology, I was drawn to applied studies and developing diagnostic sensors for bovine diseases. This work used biochemistry to solve real-world problems, helping diagnose cattle diseases more efficiently and effectively. It was gratifying to see biochemistry in action, making a tangible difference in the world.

But my journey was far from over. I eventually started working with RNA viruses, specifically flaviviruses, which include some of the most challenging viruses affecting humans today. These viruses uniquely interact with their human hosts, manipulating the host's cellular machinery to ensure their survival. This interaction fascinates me! It is a complex survival dance, with the virus and humans constantly communicating using biochemical signals.

Through all these experiences, I realized that my true scientific passion lies in understanding biochemical communication. Communication is at the heart of life sciences, whether the internal dialogues within a cell, the messages exchanged between host and pathogen, or the signals gone wrong in a disease state. It's about deciphering the language of life, understanding its nuances, and, hopefully, learning how to guide these conversations toward better health.

I have some advice for all of you reading this: stay curious! Explore different subjects, ask questions, and seize opportunities to learn more about what fascinates you. And always remember, the journey of discovery makes science so exhilarating. The world of science is truly fascinating, with so much to discover and explore. No matter your field of interest, new mysteries are always waiting to be disentangled. Embrace the challenges and enjoy the ride!