Amino Labs Partnership Opportunities

Are you interested in taking your wetware products (DNA plasmids, strains, etc.) to market and making your mark in the world?

Amino Labs is trialing the BioApplication Development Program (BDP). Amino Labs is opening up its technology ecosystem to enable third party groups with prototyped wetware ideas to leverage Amino Labs' optimization, manufacturing, and distribution ecosystem. If you have developed a fun, exciting, or delightful DNA plasmid, you can leverage Amino Labs technology ecosystem and know-how to commercialize it. The BDP will save you time, money, get your product to market in a fraction of the time of doing it alone, and you will have an existing market. 

Currently the BDP accepts plasmids relating to the genetic engineering of lab strain E. coli

Amino Labs is also developing the Accessible Bio Education Standard (ABES) in order to enable cross company partner/product compatibility. This standard sets guidelines if a third party wants to make their wetware kits/projects compatible with the growing Amino Labs ecosystem. The aim is to unite companies and bring enriched genetic engineering and biomanufacturing experiences to educators. View more information about ABES here

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