What is biotechnology? Genetic Engineering?

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Biological/Genetic Engineering is an interdisciplinary area focusing on the application of engineering principles to biological systems in order to solve problems in the realm of sustainable food, materials, energy, and health. 

Similar to miniature factories, bacteria follow DNA programming that has been inserted into their "bodies" through genetic engineering and create products in response. Each bacterium produces a small quantity of the product which, when cultivated in large vessels, create significant amounts of pigments, medicine, plastic compounds, etc, that can be extracted and used by industries and individuals. As bacteria multiply rapidly and easily when fed sugars and kept in a controlled environment, creating products through genetic/biological engineering is sustainable and safe.

Thanks to the hard work of scientists around the world, programming DNA is improving our quality of life and keeping diseases at bay. Already in the hands of hundreds of millions of people each day, the number of genetically engineered products will continue to rise in the future. And now, you too can program bacteria! Amino Labs Kits have everything you need to bioengineer for the first time or the hundredth!  

Learning and prototyping with genetic engineering and cells is starting to become accessible to newcomers of all ages and backgrounds thanks to dedicated scientists and kits such as the ones on our website, developed by scientist and designers. The easiest way to learn a new science, hobby or topic is by trying it, hands-on! 

But we understand learning a new topic can be daunting; that is why we have created an important addition to our ecosystem is the Virtual Bioengineer™ simulation. Developed with the educators at the Biobuilder Educational Foundation, it is a free 20 minutes guided experience virtually replicates the hands-on procedures you would complete with your Amino Labs system, or any similar lab equipment. An easy way to practice using your DNA Playground™ and Engineer-it Kit™ beforehand, it includes additional information on the manipulations, as well as deeper look into DNA and biological engineering. We recommend it strongly! Complete it online for free here www.amino.bio/vbioengineer 

By getting hands-on experience with genetic engineering and biotechnology, you will become immersed in some of the most cutting-edge science of the 21st century. 

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