DNA Playground™ Starter Set—Customizable!

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Start the journey into genetic engineering with the intuitive equipment and kits that helps you engineer and grow bacteria like a professional. This starter set has everything needed to do hands-on genetic engineering :   make bacteria create pigments! 

The DNA playground starter set enables you to insert DNA programs into bacteria efficiently and without a mess. For teachers, students, and makers. The DNA Playground works with the Engineer-it Kit so that you can engineer bacteria to create colours, dyes, and more. It can be used at home or by educators in schools as a personal and engaging alternative to traditionally large, expensive, and complex lab equipment. DNA Playgrounds reduce genetic engineering class set-up and clean-up time from an hour+ to a few minutes. Get rid of messy ice and water! 

  • (1) DNA Playground:  the easy-to-use biolab for engineering and growing microorganisms. The DNA Playground can be purchased with or without WiFi capabily to give you access to our upcoming online data viewer : see what is happening on your Playground from afar, save experiment data and share results. 
  • (1) Engineer-it Kit : all the ingredients needed to create an engineered organisms. Engineer-it Kits come in Individuals or Group kits giving you 2 tries or 16 tries at Engineering the same DNA program into cell. 
  • Instructions : a manual with easy to understand vocabulary and step by step procedures and the online simulation experiment simulation to practice with, teach you fundamentals and guide you along the way. 

DNA Playground 

Self-contained system : No need to source and buy heated water baths, ice buckets and ice, incubator and thermometers. The DNA Playground is a playful collection of all the equipment you need to engineer and grow cells in petri dishes.
Compact : Easily perform bacterial transformations from the comfort of your desk.
Connected: DNA Playground has the option of being connected to the internet so you can monitor experiments while away.
Modular: DNA Playground is built knowing that students will want to try more advanced projects, like Bioproduction. In 2017, Brewer Station module will become available which simply plugs into DNA Playground and allows for Bioproduction. 
Complements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-7& HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-6, HS-LS3-1
Each DNA Playground can do up to 4 simultaneous transformations.

The DNA Playground replaces the need for:

  • Ice/Ice buckets
  • Hot water bath
  • Thermometer
  • Incubator
  • Timer

If you're an educator familiar with genetic engineer experiments, the DNA Playgrounds will empowered and engaged your students as they control and monitor the temperature stations via the touchscreen. If you're an educator who has never done genetic engineering before, these kits are designed for you. All you have to do is try, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with your life science skills!

Ships in 2-10 working days. DNA Playground colours may vary. 

DNA Playground
Dimensions 12 x 4 x 8 in
Weight: 1.4 Kg

Voltage: 110-250 V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Average power: 100 W
Peak power: 750 W

Operating environment
Temperature: 16 - 25 C
Humidity: 20 - 90 %
Altitude: 3,000 m

Network wifi: 802.11n (optional)
Touchscreen: 4.3 inch, capacitive

Tube Heating/Cooling Stations
Tube Cooling Station: 1 - 5 C
Tube Heating Station: 37/42 C
Temperature sensors (4):
Cold Tube Station (1), +/- 0.1 C @ 1 C
Heat shock station (1), +/- 0.1 C @ 42 C

Engineer-it Kit
Engineer-it kits are a general experience that can be used as a hands-on activity to complement various modules from middle school, to high school. They allow for scaffolded learning and Engineer-it Kits are also used in technical colleges and universities.
Self-contained kit : No need to source and buy reagents, chemicals and consumables. The Engineer-it kit is a convenient collection of all that is needed to engineer and grow cells in petri dishes.
All reagents tubes are color-coded for ease of use and include illustrated, simple procedure.
2 convenient formats: 

Individual kit -  2 transformation tries, can be done by 1-2 people. 

Group kit - 16 transformation tries with 1 shared DNA program - can be done individually or in groups of 2.

Choose from one of 10 pigments : Blue, Blueberry Blue, Violet, Orange, Teal, Purple

Fluorescent: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Raspberry Red 

All Engineer-it Kits are Biosafety Level 1 (BSL1), meaning they do not require any special containment in North America (you can do it at home, school, etc.). If you are outside of North America, some regulations may apply, please check with your local public health office.
Complements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-5, MS-LS1-8, HS-LS1-1, HS-LS3-1, HS-LS4-4, HS-LS4-5


Wondering how it works?

Do the free Virtual Bioengineer simulation, or browse our friendly DNA Playground user manual.