Biotechnology activities your students will love-B-1

Biotechnology activities your students will love

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What educators are saying...

I used the Classroom kit with a group of 7 middle-schoolers. There is a ton of learning wrapped into this hands-on activity, and not just about the bacteria involved.

It was super fun for the kids to do and such a unique and novel experience!

Valerie L.

This was our first time exploring bacterial art and it was INCREDIBLE! What a unique experience the students won’t forget anytime soon.

Alyssa M.

I have used Amino Labs' kits in my high school biotechnology class. They have never failed.

The kits are beautifully organized. The instructions can be successfully adapted to a variety of learners (middle school to college). 

Amino Labs is highly responsive and helpful. I would strongly recommend their kits!!!

Scott F.

Thank you for putting so much time and thought into the creation of this great kit and all the supporting resources around it.

I was especially impressed with the patient, personalized and incredibly helpful responses to my many questions. Best customer service ever.


An easy way to introduce students to biology & art!

The Canvas kits introduced my students to using biology as an art medium, seeing the crossovers between art and science.

Kits were easy to use and safe, even for our younger students.

A. Y.

Canvas Kit™: Create Living Paintings

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