BioExplorer™ - Advanced Minilab


The BioExplorer™ is a multipurpose station for genetic engineering microorganisms and biomanufacturing them, all-in-one! This means you can engineer bacteria and organisms with a new DNA program, grow them, and manufacture them in liquid culture so that you can use your newly engineered creation once you've extracted and purified it. 

Sounds complicated? No need to worry, with our all-inclusive kits and intuitive instructions, anyone who can mix jello can succeed! 

The BioExplorer desktop biolab is a continuous culturing system with remote-monitoring, real-time date streaming, touchscreen controls, plate incubator, hot and cold stations. 

You can use it with our Engineer-it Kits, Biomanufacturing Kits, Extract-it and Keep-it Kits for the full experience! 

What's included
  • (1) BioExplorer™:  the easy-to-use biolab for engineering and growing microorganisms. The Bioexplorer™ can be purchased with or without WiFi capability to give you access to our upcoming online data viewer : see what is happening on your BioExplorer from afar, save experiment data and share results.
    • Instructions : a manual with easy to understand vocabulary and step by step procedures and the online simulation experiment simulation to practice with, teach you fundamentals and guide you along the way. 

    The BioExplorer™ can be sterilized and cleaned with Biomanufacturing Kit refills

    Equipment Features 


    Desktop Biolab as a self-contained system: No need to source and buy heated water baths, ice buckets, and ice, incubator, shakers, bioreactors and thermometers. The BioExplorer desktop biolab is a powerful collection of all the equipment you need to engineer, grow and manufacture cells in Petri dishes and liquid culture.
    Compact: Easily perform bacterial transformations and bioreacting from the comfort of your desk. 
    Complements the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-7& HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-6, HS-LS3-1


    The BioExplorer replaces the need for:

    • Ice/Ice buckets
    • Hot water bath
    • Thermometer
    • Incubator
    • Timer
    • Bioreactor / Continous culturing system
    • Shaker Incubator
    Resources and Instructions

    Prepare with free Virtual Bioengineer™ simulation, browse our friendly user manuals. 


    Ships in 1-2 weeks. Desktop Biolab colours may vary. A microcentrifuge is require for pigment extraction. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us prior to, or with your order # so that we can make it happen for you! ☺︎