Bioproduction kit

Bioproduction kit

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This kit is used after you’ve completed the Engineer-it Kit. You must have a Bioproduction Lab or your own Bioreactor to use this kit.

The Bioproduction Kit includes enough LB Growth Media and antibiotics to grow your E. coli bacteria for 24 hours - plenty of time to get pigments, smells or light!

You also get a Sterilization Kit to clean the Bioproduction lab before and after use.


**The Food / Growth Medis** is Lysogeny broth (LB), the standard broth used to grow E. coli bacteria in liquid culture. This LB is sterilized and ready to connect to your Amino One for a complete growth cycle. For education purposes only.

**Antibiotics** for growth selection of your engineered bacteria are added to the Food / Growth Media just prior to filling your culture chamber. Amino Labs' proprietary antibiotic delivery system helps stabilize antibiotics for shipping and long term storage. These capsules have a measured amount of chloramphenicol antibiotics for 200 mL of LB. For education purposes only.

**Inoculating syringe**: This 3 mL syringe has the correct connector to enable you to connect to the inoculating port on your Bioproduction lab.

**Inoculating media**: This is used to flush the bacteria out of the syringe and into your culture chamber. This 6 mL of inoculating media is enough for a double flush.