Summer is the time for STEM!

With Amino Labs’ hands-on biology kits, campers can:

and so much more! 

Elevate your summer camp experience with Amino Labs.

Our biotechnology products are designed to be accessible to campers of all backgrounds and levels of expertise—no prior experience needed! We also provide free learning software, easy-to-use science laboratory equipment, and curriculum-aligned learning resources to empower camp counselors to teach biotechnology.

No lab facility? No Problem! All experiments are safe to do anywhere in North America. 

Biotechnology is a rapidly advancing field that has the potential to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. With our biotechnology kits, campers can understand the potential impact of biotechnology and feel inspired to contribute to solving these problems. By working together on exciting and engaging STEM activities, campers will have the opportunity to bond over a shared interest and form new connections that could last a lifetime. 

Wondering which free resource or hands-on kits are right for you?

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Don't have time to order hands-on kits?

No problem! We have free resources like our virtual simulators which can be used to learn about biotechnology.

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