Genetic Engineering Hero Chapters 1-4: Classroom Pack Class Sizing

How many students does this pack cater to?


Experiment kits:

These group-sized experiment kits have eight individually sized packages that allow for eight experiments to be completed. The number of students, therefore, depends on how many students you group together and how many are in your class.

For example, with 1 group kit: 

# of students per team Total number of students able to do the experiment with 1 group kit
1 student/group 8 students 
students/group 16 students
3 students/group 24 students
4 students/group 32 students


DNA Playground Large:

Each DNA Playground lets up to four teams of students complete an experiment at the same time. The size of the class and the quantity of teams you have working will again determine how many DNA Playground Large you need.

For example, if you have a 24 student class where students are in teams of three, you will have 8 student teams. Since the DNA Playground large can accommodate up to 4 teams of students, you will need 2 DNA Playground Large.


You can use this formula to calculate your needs:

_____ (number of students per class) / _____ (students per team) / 4 =  # of DNA Playgrounds Large

Using the example above, it translates as 24/3/4= 2 DNA Playgrounds Large



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