Pipette-it Kit: Learn to pipette like a pro!

Do you need a 3 decimal point scale?
Do you need a micropipette set?

Welcome to the world of DNA technology. Your first task: learn to pipette like a professional. 

An important prerequisite to manipulating DNA is to demonstrate accurate and consistent pipetting. Biotechnology research and development requires that small volumes of liquid, sometimes less than 1 millionth of a liter, be accurately pipetted. This exercise is a robust way to practice and demonstrate your pipetting skills while also learning about data management (collecting results, processing data, and showing data in a chart)

Learn your pipetting basics:
• what a micropipette is
• what tips are
• know which pipet and tips to choose to based on the desired volume of liquid to be transferred
• know the stop points for aspirating and dispensing
• know how deep to insert the tip with aspirating
giving enough time during aspiration to get your desired volume
• pipet with a small volume micropipette such as a 2 uL, 2.5 uL, or 10 uL pipette.
• learn the most common breakage of a small volume micropipette
• practice ejecting tips