Junior R&D Engineer-it Kit Pack

Junior R&D Engineer-it Kit Pack

Based on the original Engineer-it Kit design, this kit enables a junior researcher to complete DNA transformations with their own DNA. 

Have you purchased or acquired a DNA plasmid that you'd like to put into E. coli bacteria? Have you completed some ligations and want to transform E. coli with your ligated products? Then this kit pack is for you!

The Junior R&D Engineer-it Kit Pack comes with 8x separately packaged Junior R&D Kits so that you can try 8x transformations with your own DNA in the same way you completed the Engineer-it Kit experience. 

Simply the type of antibiotic you need for your experiments, and get ready for transitioning to your own R&D project. If you're unsure of the antibiotic you need, message us using the chat app on the website.