Unleashing Potential: Tim's Journey Solving Biotechnology's Puzzles at Amino Labs

Unleashing Potential: Tim's Journey Solving Biotechnology's Puzzles at Amino Labs

Unleashing Potential: Tim's Journey Solving Biotechnology's Puzzles at Amino Labs

Tim was an intern with Amino Labs a few years ago. In this article, he shares his experience "solving our problems" in biotechnology.

Tucked away in farmland, just 10 minutes east of Lethbridge, lies a laboratory with a team set on changing the world. How, you might ask? By making biotechnology and bioengineering accessible to students of all backgrounds and expertise; because they believe biotechnology has the potential to revolutionize the world. With more minds contributing to solving our problems in medicine, climate change, and engineering, the solutions will come faster and be better.

Now, this is a pretty great mission for a company. Its goal is far greater than anything one individual can do alone. Right away in my first internship of summer 2021, I knew I had become a part of something greater than myself. And I dove in.

Choosing to work in a private commercial lab over an academic one was intentional. I wanted to see the applications of my research in the world quickly. My first project at Amino Labs was to design a kit. One that stitches two colorful pigment genes together, creating a large DNA fragment, and then having bacteria express it.

The complicated part was that this kit was designed for ages 12 and up. That means it had to be so robust that small technical errors would not impede the results. I had to start thinking about how a person without my background would utilize this kit. How one would interpret my instructions, visuals, and whether they would find the results fascinating. This was a lot for a third-year student, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. With the guidance of the owners, I was successful which immensely grew my confidence.

The second project I took on at Amino Labs was to finish the prototype for the Bioplastic Kit that a colleague of mine had begun. I started to research and then was encouraged by the owners to push out early prototypes. This was a key lesson for me. Even if something is not perfect, looking at an imperfect version will point me in the right direction. After prototyping, I began manufacturing as many bioplastic kits as I could. Again, I learned lessons about quality control with biological manufacturing. After graduation, I started working in the sales industry and now sell the very kits I helped develop.

The experience at Amino Labs is all-encompassing. I applied for the internship to gain laboratory experience but ended up gaining much more. I learned about supply chain and manufacturing processes. I also learned how to write standard operating procedures for these manufacturing processes, and about how a laboratory is managed. In addition to my laboratory skills, I learned about customers in the biotech space and the challenges the industry faces. Now, I’ve come full circle in my sales role.

Amino Labs has much to offer, not only to their clients but to their team. Entrepreneurial types and dreamers will thrive in this environment. The owners place the responsibilities of time management, goal-setting, and results on the shoulders of those willing to take on their projects. It's not for the faint of heart, but for those curious and determined, it will mold you into a greater version of yourself. They not only taught me to become a better scientist but also to become a greater asset because I can now do so much! I never imagined how Amino Labs would change me, and if I could redo it all again, I would.

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