Learn with a Pro: Online Genetic Engineering Private Sessions

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Complete your first genetic engineering experience in a small group or private session with an Amino Labs scientist.

This 4-day biotechnology virtual workshop allows purchasers of an Engineer-it kit who may or may not have a DNA Playground or BioExplorer, to complete the entire genetic engineering exercise with an Amino Labs scientist! 

Whether you are looking for a guided learning experience as you start your biotechnology journey, already have questions about genetic engineering, biohacking, ethics, and life science at home, or you simply would like some company as you embark on this science project, this cyber workshop is here for you!

If you have the Zero to Genetic Engineering guide book, you can also use these three days of genetic engineering hands-on to review some of the theory from chapters 1 through 4, and even get your end-of-chapter answers graded!

After purchasing the appropriate workshop package, an Amino Labs associate will coordinate the scheduling of the workshop with you. The associate will also ensure you have the kit and equipment needed to complete the workshop. Ideally, you have purchased an Engineer-it Kit and a DNA Playground. While the Engineer-it Kit is mandatory to do the hands-on genetic engineering, if you do not have a DNA Playground or BioExplorer Lab, you can see a list of alternative lab equipment in the instruction manual for each kit.

When the workshop day arrives, you will be sent a video conference link, and the workshop will start. Along with the instructor, you, and possibly other guests, will complete the tasks, and discuss the science, ethics, and any questions on your mind. This Bio-cyber Workshop was created based on the success of our in-person workshops. The discussions are as exciting as the science!

The first two sessions are 2, 2.5 hours in length, while the third and fourth are approximately an hour, based on your questions and review of the results/learning.

Workshops have a maximum of 6 participants. Please inquire if you would like to organize a larger virtual workshop or an in-person workshop: info at amino.bio