What will your learn in Genetic Engineering Hero Chapters 5-7

You will:

  • Chapter 5 - Extracting your engineered proteins
    • extract the proteins created by your engineer bacteria in real-life using the Extract-it kit so that they can be used in the 'real-world' (optional hands-on),
    • continue understanding how cells know how to start, do and stop reading RNA (translation),
    • discover proteins & enzymes, promoters vs. the ribosomal binding site and the other RNAs (rRNA & tRNA),
    • learn and use the RNA to protein cipher.
  • Chapter 6 - Processing Chemicals with Enzymes
    • engineer cells to created small molecules and enzymes to create products like smells and color-changing molecules using the Smell-it kit and the Blue-it kit (optional hands-on),
    • learn the basics of enzymatic chemical reactions,
    • understand the Four B’s of cell function in action,
    • discover protein enzymes as catalysis in cells,
    • learn the basic structure of atoms and the four major types of bonds,
    • explorer metabolic pathways and how they are used in genetic engineering and biotechnology. 
  • Chapter 7 - Manually turning on genes in situ
    • engineer cells or use pre-engineered cells and manually turn on genes using light, chemicals, and heat to understand genetic switched in real-life using the RGB kit, the Induce-it kit and the Heat-it kit (optional hands-on),
    • learn the mechanisms of gene expression,
    • revise and apply the coding and non-coding regions of genes knowledge from Ch. 4-5,
    • explore a DNA plasmid map,
    • start setting the stage for you to design your custom DNA plasmids.