Weighing, Measuring, and Concentrations in the life science lab


Part 1: Unit Prefixes
  • Orders of magnitude 
  • Common life science unit prefixes
  • How to use them
Unit Prefixes video

Part 2: Fundamentals & Computations of Concentrations

  • Percent weight concentration
  • Percent volume concentration 
  • Mass concentration 
  • Molar concentration 
  • Dilution concentration
Fundamentals and Computations of Concentrations video

Part 3: Weighing Powders

  • Lab Tools for Measuring Powders
  • More on Balances
  • Lab etiquette
Weighing Powders video 

Presentation slides used in the videos (Google Slides for part 1, 2, 3)

Amino Labs: Weighing-Measuring-Concentration slides 

Activities with answer key  (Google document with part 1, 2, 3)

Weighing-Mesuring-Concentration activities with answer key