Welcome to The Amazing Bio Hunt 2021!

The Amazing Bio-Hunt was a month-long contest held as part of the Cambridge Science Festival in April 1st 2021, but you can still complete the bio-hunt right now!
Join this amazing adventure in the world of biotechnology in a 22 clue virtual hunt to learn, experiment and discover the many sides of biotech! From creative bio-artists to cancer research scientists, deep sea divers hunting for microbes to flavour and scent engineers, new material creators to climate change activists... biotechnology is more than just scientists creating engineered crops. Discover more by completing 22 clues that will lead you to fun discoveries.

How it works:

  • Since the Amazing Bio-hunt was created for the Cambridge Science Festival's 30 days of Science, each clue aligns with the 30 days of Science themes. Throughout your journey you will discover many different facets of biotechnology! 
  • To check your answer and learn more about the topic, use your answer as an url on our site. For example if the answer was BLUE, you would go to amino.bio/BLUE. (If you get a 404... that means you better go back to the clue and read carefully and keep searching for the right answer.)
  • The daily clues were shared along with hints on our social media during the month of April 2021. Go back and look if you need a bit of a hint to find your answer.



The clues worksheets:

Week 1 Clue Worksheet
Week 2 Clue Worksheet
Week 3 Clue Worksheet
Week 4 Clue Worksheet
Week 5 Clue Worksheet


See some of the clues & hints here:

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Who is eligible:

Anyone can participate! All the clues and answers are family and school friendly. Families, adults, kids, teens, classes and entire schools are welcome to play in teams or individually. 

Already biotechnology affects more than a billion people every year and is a core part of our society. Yet, only a small fraction of the population understands it and can use it to help solve the world's biggest problems; from fuel to food to medicine. This hunt will help you find your way into this world, safely, easily and with no prior knowledge necessary. 


This event was part of the Cambridge Science Festival and the 30 days of science.  #30DaysofScience   #CambSciFest

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On May 1st, 2021, participants of the live Bio-Hunt were part of a live prize draw!  - Join us in 2022 for the next Bio-Hunt and you may win too!