Welcome to Amino Labs, your source for engaging, beginner-friendly, student-led biotechnology resources and supplies that are in-class and remote-learning ready. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

 Free Biotechnology Simulators

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Virtual Bioengineer simulators allow students to learn and practice skills like building a DNA strand, making agar, streaking bacteria, creating competent cells and engineering them with DNA. The simulators are easy to use on desktop browsers and student understanding can be evaluated quickly using our online quizzes. 

Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Book

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Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero: the beginner's guide to programming bacteria at home, school & in the classroom is perfect for students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to do genetic engineering and even participate in Science Fairs and the iGEM competition...on their own! Lesson guides available too. 

Student-led experiment kits and equipment!

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Amino Labs is a pioneer at student-led biotechnology learning. From our very inception at MIT Media Lab to today, we have always supported both home and school learners, no prior knowledge or lab necessary. That's why we can now offer the best remote-learning experiment kits and equipment.. that's what were made for! 

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Our website and beginner-friendly instructions have lots of resources, here are few more examples: