Learn to make with biology

Greetings makers!

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Looking for a stimulating activity this holiday for yourself or as a gift to celebrate the inquisitive artists, scientists, and everyday explorers in your life? Look no further than Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero: The Beginner's Guide to Programming Bacteria at home, school & in the makerspace.
My daughter tore through the experiments in this book - and it's been a great adventure for the entire family. The structure of the book is smartly designed. Each chapter starts with one or more hands-on experiments. Then the chapter takes a deeper (but comprehensible) look behind the science and the chemistry taking place... from the transcription of DNA to the role of enzymes in cellular processes. We also appreciated the focus on biosafety and responsibility that underpinned the entire book. It's been amazing to see how this experience has further catalyzed my daughter's passion for microbiology and chemistry. She can't wait to apply her new genetic engineering skills at her next science fair." 
-J. R., father. 
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