Instructions-add on for the DNA Playground Omega

The DNA Playground Omega differs with the standard DNA Playground in its screen controls, incubator size and LED capability. 


The incubator:

The incubator can now fit 8 x 6cm plates, in stacks of 2 each. In the incubator, you will find 4 small humidity chambers - these prevent your plates from drying out during incubation. Use this as directed in the DNA Playground instruction manual, placing each humidity chamber on top of your stacks of plates. You only as many humidity chambers as you need, no need to add them all to the incubator if they are not on top of plates. 


The LED:

Your incubator may have an RGB-LED inside. This LED is useful with the RGB kit, and can be controlled with the sliders found on the touchscreen tab "incubator". You can slide or touch the slider bar to control each color.  (see video below!)


The Touchscreen:

The touchscreen of the DNA Playground Omega now contains "tabs" for the different stations and the timer.  Note that your timer is controlled on the timer tab (right) and will continue to show you the time elapsed in the tab when on other screens. 

Please note that each station must 'refresh' before the button can update its 'start' and 'stop' status. Be patient! a few second delay is expected. 

See the video: