Mobile-friendly virtual experiment simulators feedback

Thank you for taking the time to trial our mobile-friendly simulators.

We invite you to test them on various devices - be it desktop, laptop, touchscreen, or phone. The same simulator link works across all these platforms.

Your comprehensive feedback will greatly help us refine the simulators for the benefit of you, your students, and learners worldwide.

The links below will take you to the new simulators. Note that the links in the site menu and in the rest of the website still link to the non-mobile friendly simulators until we collect your feedback!

What is DNA? 

Agar art with the Canvas Kit

New simulator for Agar art: Paint your art on a petri dish to see how it would grow

Genetic engineering with the Engineer-it Kit

To provide your feedback click on the button below to open a new tab on your browser.  Use the same link for all the simulators - you will be able to submit multiple answers. 

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