Learn with a Biology Pro: Online Biology Tutoring/Mentoring Sessions

About the Biology Tutoring Sessions

Biology is a core subject that can be tricky to learn. Amino Labs is a world leader in biology education and can support and help your teen excel. Learning biology and practicing hands-on biology activities can also open up a career path for your teen. Biology and biotechnology is a rapidly growing sector that offers a wide range of career opportunities to invent, innovate, and manage research and product development. 

Amino Labs has thousands of hours of biology tutoring experience, ranging from one-on-ones to classroom support.

Amino Labs biology tutoring is flexible and organized in two-hour time slots. A Junior or Senior Scientist can:

  • help you troubleshoot and learn biology concepts that are proving difficult
  • present the exciting world of biology and biotechnology so you have a better idea of what a biotechnology career path has to offer
  • support you as you go through the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero journey
  • support your preparation for college and planning ahead for a great college application
  • one-on-one deep learning of biotechnology, including recitations, so you can master fundamentals and techniques years ahead of others and gain an edge for college applications and entrepreneurship

Bookings are in 1-hour increments. Start with a 1-hour session and you'll receive a follow-on email for scheduling. 

Great gift for family members! Do you want to help your nieces, nephews, or grandchildren get exposed to biology as a potential career opportunity? Invest in their future potential, you never know, they may one day become a famous biotechnology entrepreneur or scientist!


Are you an educator? Check our Teacher Training & Professional Development Sessions available online and in-person. 

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