Bioplastics Kit™: Get started with biomaterials

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Welcome to the world of biomaterials, bioplastics edition!

You may have heard of “Bioplastics”: plastic-like materials made from non-petroleum sources, such as plant and animal matter. But what exactly are the ingredients in bioplastics, and do these materials actually have the potential to replace regular plastics? In this hands-on, multipart kit, you will learn about the material science behind bioplastics and how to make your own. 

As bioplastics enter the biotechnology and maker communities, we want to empower learners like you with information to approach and understand the promise and current limitations of biomaterials in a responsible and fun way. After you have completed this kit, you will have the knowledge and tools to explore the many possibilities and applications of bioplastics on your own!   

This kit is made up of 5 main exercises:

• Day 1: Discover. Test ingredient properties and learn the basics of making bio-plastics recipes.
• Day 2: Transform. Add colour, texture, and mould your materials.
• Day 3: Manipulate. Extrude, weave and build by turning your bio-materials into bio-yarn.
• Day 4: Additives: Reinforce and reuse waste to make bio-composite plastics.
• Day 5: Usability: Use all of your skills to make a product for the everyday!

In exercises 1 and 2, you will develop the basic skills for making bioplastics, including weighing, mixing, and pouring. Exercises 1 and 2 will also familiarize you with common bioplastic ingredients—their names (there can be many!), the sources from which they derive, and their chemical structures.

In exercises 3, 4, and 5, you will build on your basic “making” skills to extrude, color, pipette, reinforce, and make useful products from bioplastics.

The Bioplastic Kit comes in individual sizes. Using the dropdown, you can select whether you need a scale and if you want the complete kit or just need an ingredient refill.

The Complete kit includes all the tools, molds, and ingredients needed to learn and make 23+ bioplastics.

The Ingredient refill includes the six bioplastic powders, the glycerol, and the acetic acid you need to make 23 more bioplastics using the tools and molds you already have.

This experiment kit includes an instruction manual with easy-to-understand vocabulary and step-by-step procedures and an online experiment simulation to practice with, teach you fundamentals, and guide you along the way. Available online. See the Resources tab for links!

To complete this experiment you will also need:

• access to a microwave or kettle,
• a water source (distilled or tap water),
• a microwave-safe mixing bowl and mixing tool (like a spoon)
• a small scale (0.1 g to 100.0 g) if you do not add one from the drop-down

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This experiment kit can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator if you have multiple kits and want to keep them all together.

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