Tutorials, materials, and other resources

Tutorials, materials, and other resources

Tutorials, materials, and other resources

Amino Labs is building a comprehensive list of tutorials and materials that are free and openly available for use by anyone to learn or to educate others.

Video Tutorials can be found on Amino Labs' Youtube channel. Subscribe to get the latest updates of new tutorials that are available. In some of the tutorials, you'll find deep dives into some aspects of genetic engineering! 

Software Simulations can be found on the Google Web Store. Want to do Virtual Bioengineering??? Virtual Bioengineer is a simulation to guide you through the procedural aspects of engineering bacteria. What is DNA? is a simple guide into learning about DNA. 

Teacher Curriculum for various genetic engineering lessons can be found here. A specific example for transformation can be found here.

Our Google Classroom for educators includes links to the instruction manuals, lesson guides, slides shows, pop-quizzes, follow-along and discussion prompt videos, supplementary activities, answer keys, certificates and more. It can be joined here.

Cross Cutting biology with other disciplines is at the core of Amino Labs mission. You'll see a lot of cross cutting between Visual Art and Biology. But we'll post a growing resource list that goes beyond:

  • Design, fabrication & science: Does your school have a laser cutter? Download the following file(s) to laser cut your own tube racks. Students can customize, add logos or even optimize the file. If you make them better, please share with us so we can share your success with the world! Adobe Illustrator File - DXF File


If you have feedback/suggestions on content that we should offer, please email info@amino.bio and tell us!