Learning at-home in the age of the virtual classroom & pandemics.

Learning at-home in the age of the virtual classroom & pandemics.

Learning at-home in the age of the virtual classroom & pandemics.

Keep kids learnings! Join other educators & parents who are moving science class biology experiments to the home... 


Classes are virtual or hybrid and your teens/students are stuck at home... what now?

This is a strange time - large gatherings are canceled, teaching is going virtual, people are isolated in their homes, many are anxious about school disruptions.

Luckily over the past decade, virtual learning has become almost standard practice so course content can be delivered in this trying time. And, we are happy to share that the Amino Labs ecosystem of experiments and lab equipment is designed for at-home learners and is being used to keep young minds active, lab skills fresh, and helping educators to modify and transition their previously planned in-school experiments, into the home - it truly feels like the 21st century!

Contact us now to inquire about hands-on learning at home and/or transitioning your in-school experiments into the home. If your in-class experiments are based on kits from other companies, or your own supplies, don't worry, we'll do what we can to help you use those existing resources, but enable your students to learn these invaluable skills.


Contact us for help transitionning to at-home experiments 


Here are a few ways we can help you make remote lab work and at-home learning easy:

1. Student-led experiment kits are designed for students to complete with minimal guidance, at their own pace. With virtual simulators, follow-along experiment videos and online quizzes, it has never been easier to go for student-led STEM learning. View the experiments »

2. Take-home equipment for remote lab work! Amino Labs minilabs are designed for student-led at-home learning. Whether your students have research to complete or your class had some experiments planned, the DNA Playground can help»

3. All-in-one at-home learning journeys.
If you are looking for a prepackaged learning journey that includes kits, equipment, and content see the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero at-home pack »


To help you get going, use "Learn-at-home2021" discount code to Save 10% on all kits & equipment!