Three Decimal Point Pocket Scale (g)

About the 3 Decimal Point Scale (g)

An easy-to-use three-decimal point scale (0.000 g) with an LCD screen. Use it for determining the weight or mass of a sample, to complete the Pipette-it Kit learning exercise, and for your general lab weighing needs. 



This scale has:

• a weighing range of 0.001 g to 50 g
• an energy-saving auto shut-off,
• a low-battery indicator,
• a built-in hinged cover for protection,
• an unstable location indicator,
• an external calibration weight.

What's included?

The scale includes a calibration weight and is built into a sturdy case.

The scale requires two AAA batteries which are not included.

Storage & Shipping

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No special storage is needed!

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