Classroom incubator

About the Classroom Incubator

An easy-to-use petri dish incubator that can incubate the plates of an entire class at 30 ℃, 32 ℃, and 42 ℃. A perfect complement to our Canvas kit and compatible with all of our biology kits. 

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This classroom-size incubator has:

• precise temperature control: from 5 ℃ to 60 ℃ (41℉ to 140℉) in increments of 1℃ (34℉),
• 2 removable shelves,
• a built-in light that can be turned on and off,
• a handle that makes it easy to transport,
• a clear door to check on your petri dishes as they incubate,
• compatible with the Canvas Kit, Engineer-it Kit, Smell-it Kit, Blue-it Kit, Extract-it Kit, Induce-it Kit, Heat-it Kit, Light-it Kit,
• External Size: 13" x 15" x 19" (33 x 38 x 48 cm),
• Weighs 14.3 lbs (6.5 kg)

What's included?

The incubator includes a UL-certified 12 V power supply and has 2 removable shelves.

Storage & Shipping

Shipping Times

Lab equipment and accessories are shipped 1-10 working days after you place your order. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us before or with your order # so that we can try to make it happen for you! ☺︎ 


No special storage is needed!

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