Petri Dish Refill Kit™: Create more agar petri dishes for your project

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About the Petri Dish Refill Kit™
Create extra LB agar Petri dishes.  Great for classrooms, science fair projects, and safe science experiments at home.

This Petri dish Refill kit lets you paint more living paintings using your Canvas Kit materials, or streak out your engineered cells from the Engineer-it Kit, Extract-it Kit, Smell-it Kit, and Blue-it Kit. 

What will you learn?

Learn how to create agar and pour Petri dishes safely.

What's included?

This kit includes everything you need to create LB agar Petri dishes compatible with the Canvas Kit, Engineer-it Kit, Extract-it Kit, Smell-it Kit, and Blue-it Kit. These Petri dishes are incompatible with the Yeast experiments, the Induce-it Kit, and the Light-it kit.

In this kit, you will find: Sterile water, LB agar, and selective antibiotics, Petri dishes (6 cm), 4 inoculation loops.

• Individual Kits: An individual kit will allow you to create 4 Petri dishes.

• Group Kits: A group kit will allow you to create 32 Petri dishes. This kit is comprised of eight individually packaged "student packs" that can each create 4 LB agar Petri dishes at a time.

• Instructions: to make your Petri dishes, refer to the instruction manual of the kit for which you are making more plates (for example, if you are looking to make more Petri dishes to paint your bacteria art on, refer to the Canvas kit manual.)

What else is needed?

This Petri Dish Refill kit does not include experiment material like bacteria, DNA, etc. Only selective agar, sterile water, loops, and Petri dishes are included.

Cleaning and safety supplies are not included in the kit. Necessary safety and cleaning supplies are latex or nitrile gloves, and a chlorinated bleach cleaner or a 10% solution of chlorinated bleach in a spray bottle (you can make this by adding 9 parts water to 1 part bleach in a spray bottle). You can add a Mini Safety Set to your kit which includes gloves and a reusable plastic apron to protect your clothes.

For more information about safety, set up and clean up, you can have a look at the instruction manual for the experiment linked in the Ressources section below, and at the "Practicing safe science" page.

Storage & Shipping

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For the best results, and the longest shelf life possible, refrigerate the kit(s) upon arrival. You'll find a "Best by" date on the kit's label. This date assumes you've refrigerated your kit upon arrival.

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