Blacklight Flashlight: Make your bacteria fluoresce

About the Blacklight Flashlight

A fun little flashlight that will shine a blacklight on your bacteria or yeast to make it fluoresce! 

Great to use with the:

  • Canvas kit,
  • Engineer-it kit in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Raspberry red,
  • Induce-it kit,
  • Yeast Canvas Kit
  • Yeast Engineer-it Kit in Arctic Green and Metabolic Selection Pink. 

Make the best use of this flashlight: build a blacklight photo box! Learn how to build a blacklight photo box by reusing a cardboard box and black paper or paint.  


This blacklight flashlight has:

• a 395 nm wavelength LED light,

• a compact and lightweight frame made out of aluminum with a stainless steel clip,

• a telescopic guide zoom,

• a strobe and a standard light mode,

• a size of 3½ x 1 x ¾"

What's included?

This 395nm LED flashlight will need one AA battery which is not included.

How is it used?

Shine the light directly on your fluorescent bacteria or yeast to make it fluoresce.

Make the best use of this flashlight: build a blacklight photo box. Learn how to build one by reusing a cardboard box and black paper or paint by following the resource linked below.

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