DNA Extraction Kit™: Extract DNA from a strawberry (or your saliva!)

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What is DNA?

You may not realize it, but you eat lots of DNA every day! But how much?...and what is DNA really? Can I see it? With this Incredible DNA Extraction Kit, you can! 

This STEM science biology kit takes you through a journey of extracting the genomic DNA from the cells that make up a strawberry. In just 15 minutes or less, you’ll be able to see just how much DNA exists within a typical strawberry - probably A LOT more than you think! 

This is an all-in-one STEM project kit with no prior experience necessary. A perfect first step in your journey in exploring the world of biotechnology, biohacking & genetic engineering. Compatible with Chapter 1 of the Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero book to learn what is DNA, what is DNA made of, what is DNA's function, what is its structure and how can DNA be leveraged in biotechnology to make with biology.



For this one day DNA science project, you will:

1. Mix salt & water with a mashed strawberry (or other fruit)
2. Mix in some lysis buffer
3. Pass the mixture through a filter
4. Pour the resulting liquid in isopropyl alcohol
5. See real DNA molecules float!

This kit comes with the all scientific supplies you need to complete the experiment: lysis buffer, sterile water, electrolyte, filter, and a tube to measure your isopropyl alcohol. You will need to provide some common materials from your home/school to complete the experience. Look under the "What else is needed" tab to see what else is required.

• The Individual size DNA extraction kit comes with enough supplies to run the experiment once.

• The Group size DNA extraction kit comes with enough supplies to run the experiment 8 times (enough for 8 groups of students).

You need to provide:
• a strawberry or similar soft fruit,
• 9 mL of isopropyl alcohol,
• a cup or glass

No necessary laboratory equipment is required.

Cleaning and safety supplies are not included. For this beginner kit, these optional supplies are latex or nitrile gloves, and a surface cleaner and paper towels... strawberry spills happen!

Shipping Times

Experiment kits are shipped 1-5 working days after you place your order. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us before or with your order # so that we can try to make it happen for you! ☺︎ 


This experiment kit can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator if you have multiple kits and want to keep them all together.

For any questions, don't hesistate to reach out to us - help (at) amino.bio