Explore other Planets Poster

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About the Astrobiology Poster

Astrobiology: Explore other Planets Poster by Šmehlík & Rubiano.

The Astrobiology: Explore other Planets poster is the second illustration from a 3-part series that covers bio-themes David and Sebastián (the authors) find important, interesting, and exciting.

The other two posters are Conservation & Biodiversity: Protect the Environment, and Lab Research: Find a Cure. Each of the three illustrations communicates a different imperative but all are connected to biology in one way or another.

    Poster Details

    • Size 23.7" × 16.7"
    • Illustration by Sebastián Rubiano (instagram: sebastian_rubiano)
    • Concept and Direction by David Šmehlík

    Storage & Shipping

    This poster ships directly from the artists' locations. Please allow 1-5 business days for fulfillment. If you need yours for a specific date, let us know by replying to your order confirmation email or by emailing us prior to ordering at orders@amino.bio