BioExplorer™ - Desktop Biolab for Advanced Biomanufacturing Starter Pack

Engineer-it Kit DNA Pigment

The big sibling of the DNA Playground, the BioExplorer™, is a multipurpose desktop biolab, or laboratory station, for genetic engineering and biomanufacturing! With the BioExplorer, you can engineer bacteria and other organisms with a new DNA program, grow them and manufacture them in a liquid culture so that you can use your newly engineered creation once you've extracted and purified it. 

Sounds complicated? No need to worry; with our all-inclusive STEM biotechnology kits, virtual simulators, and intuitive instructions, anyone who can mix jello can succeed!

With this starter pack, you, your students, or kids will be able to learn what is DNA, what is biotechnology, what is genetic engineering, hands-on! These life science kits provide you with a taste of what a biotechnology career could be and let you play safely and responsibly in your very own "biohacking" lab. 

With this starter pack, you will:
  1. Make selective & non-selective agar,
  2. pour Petri dishes,
  3. streak bacteria,
  4. make bacteria chemically competent,
  5. engineer bacteria using pigment-producing DNA plasmid (bacterial transformation),
  6. create positive and negative controls,
  7. incubate,
  8. view/analyze results
  9. clean & sterilize the bioreactor section of the BioExplorer desktop biolab
  10. make and fill the bioreactor with selective liquid media
  11. inoculate the liquid culture with engineered bacteria
  12. monitor and guide the growth of the bacteria in liquid culture
Learn genetic engineering skills while discovering biohacking, biotechnology, life science, DNA with these STEM project science kit instructions.
What's included & what's required

Starter Pack content:

  • (1) BioExplorer Lab™:  the easy-to-use desktop biolab (laboratory equipment) for engineering and growing microorganisms.
    • (1) Engineer-it Kit™: All the ingredients and materials needed to create your own genetically engineered organisms. 
    • (1) Biomanufacturing Kit™: All the ingredients needed to brew-up your engineered organisms. The Biomanufacturing Kit includes enough LB Growth Media and antibiotics to grow your engineered bacteria for 24 hours - plenty of time to get pigments! You also get a Clean-It Kit™ to clean the BioExplorer™ before and after use. Add a few more Food (LB) Bags in the drop-down to grow your bacteria longer.
    • Instructions: a manual with easy to understand vocabulary and step by step procedures. Available online. See the Resources tab for links!

    The BioExplorer is reusable and can be used with Engineer-it Kit™ & Biomanufacturing Kit™ as refills. Note that the liquid culture Extract-it Kit for use with the BioExplorer requires that you have a microcentrifuge.

    The experiment kits must be refrigerated upon arrival for a longer shelf life. 

    Necessary equipment: All necessary laboratory and science equipment is included in this pack.

    Cleaning and safety supplies are not included. These supplies are: latex or nitrile gloves, a chlorinated cleaner or a solution of chlorinated bleach in a spray bottle. For more information about safety, set up and clean up, have a look at the instruction manual(s) for your kits or mini lab. 

    Shipping Times

    Ships in 2-3 weeks. BioExplorer desktop biolab colors may vary. If you require yours for a specific date or event, please contact us before or with your order # so that we can make it happen for you! ☺︎ 

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