Engineer-it At Home Contest


The Engineer-It at Home Contest is for people who learn biology over the internet to win the chance to learn real-world skills at home. 

Thousands of people use the internet everyday to learn new concepts in biology, but it is hard to get real skills. Unlike computing or software online courses where you get to immediately practice with your computer, biology was limited - until now!

Amino Labs believes that hands-on skills are the most important thing and it is our mission to enable everyone to practice biology skills, just like computer-enthusiasts do today. If you've taken an online biology course such as on @MITOCW, @Udemy, or @Khanacademy, then you're eligible to win one of two Amino Labs DNA Playground Starter Sets so that you can get real hands-on biology experience at home.

On September 30, 2018 & November 30, 2018 a random online learner will get a DNA Playground Starter Set. This way two lucky biology internet learners can build hands-on skills in their home, classroom, or after school club.

Entering into the Contest

Participants must be 13 years or older. If you are under 13, you can ask your parent or guardian to enter the contest on your behalf.  

1. Create a vlog post, a blog post, meme, or some other publication on the internet which highlights: i) why you're interested in learning biology; ii) the online course you completed and a link to it; iii) why you're thankful to the online course provider, and why you think hands on skills are important. You can even include how you think the course could be made better.

2. Share the link to the publication on Twitter or Instagram and be sure to include:

@[online_learning_platform_you_used (e.g. @MITOCW)]
Link to your publication


3. Fill out the form below