Going Further

Learn and Teach the basics of Genetic Engineering and explore BioManufacturing, a process at the heart of the 1 trillion dollar industrial biotechnology industry.

RGB Kit™ - Activate cells with light

From $56.00

Overview This advanced Engineer-it Kit is part of the Induction Series™. This kit allows you to control colour pigments that the cell has been engineered to produce - using LIGHT! The most advanced light...

Induce-it Kit™


This advanced Engineer-it Kit is part of the Induction Series™. You first engineer E. coli with a DNA plasmid, but rather than the genes automatically kicking into action like in the...

Heat-it Kit™


This advanced Engineer-it Kit is part of the Induction Series™. First you engineer E. coli in a similar way as the original Engineer-it Kit series, but then you can control how much product your...

Smell-It Kit™


Overview This advanced Engineer-it Kit, part of the Enyzme Series, involves you engineering E. coli bacteria to create an enzyme. The enzyme, derived from yeast cells enables you to create...

Junior R&D Engineer-it Kit Pack

From $128.00

Based on the original Engineer-it Kit design, this kit enables a junior researcher to complete DNA transformations with their own DNA.  Have you purchased or acquired a DNA plasmid that you'd...



A microcentrifuge is an key piece of lab equipment for doing genetic engineering projects. If you're looking to complete more advanced projects like doing a Plate Extract-it Kit or standard...

IGEM High School Starter Set

From $852.00

Overview: Interested in getting involved in the IGEM Competition and community but unsure how to get started? Get up and running in no time with our beginner-friendly IGEM Starter set, inspired by...

Extract-it™ Kit


Overview How do you extract your products, such as your colored pigments from cells? With this Extract-it kit, whether you are extracting from your engineer-it kit results or your biomanufacturing kit...

BioExplorer™ - Advanced Biomanufacturing Starter Pack


Overview The big sibling of the DNA Playground, the BioExplorer™ is a multipurpose station for genetic engineering microorganisms and "biomanufacturing with them", all-in-one! This means you can engineer bacteria and...