Genetic Engineer 101

Learn and Teach the Basics of Genetic Engineering.

Engineer-it Kit™

From $33.00

Overview: Full STEAM ahead with the Engineer-it Kit. This kit contains all ingredients needed to grow and engineer bacteria to create pigments (& smells in the advanced section!). Learn genetic engineering hands-on using...

DNA Playground™ - Beginner Starter Pack

From $382.00

Overview: Genetic Engineering is the most important discovery developed by humanity. Start your journey into genetic engineering by learning all of the steps to engineer bacteria through fun hands-on STEM activities. The DNA Playground...

Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero - The Learning Genetic Engineering Book


Overview Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero:The beginner's guide to programming bacteria at home, in the classroom, & in the makerspace **See a blog article with in depth details about  Zero to Genetic...

Learn with a Pro: Cyber Workshop

From $249.00

Overview Complete your first genetic engineering experience in a small group or private session with an Amino Labs scientist. This 3-day Biocyber Workshop allows purchasers of an Engineer-it kit who may...

Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Kit Pack (Chapters 1-4)


Overview The Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Kit Pack (Chapters 1-4) includes the equipment (DNA Playground MiniLab) and wetware kits (DNA Extraction Kit, Canvas Kits, and Engineer-it Kits) needed to complete Chapters...

DNA Playground™ Large - Beginner Starter Pack

From $432.00

Overview: Start the journey into DNA technology by genetic engineering cells to produce vivid colours that fluoresce under a black light. The DNA Playground Large and Engineer-it Kit Starter Pack helps...